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Friday, May 19, 2006

Memoir #9: Anticipation, Part II

I'm going home tomorrow...

I woke up this morning with this horrid feeling - the same one I had when I was doing my thesis. I felt, for the first time in about a year - that if only I just stayed in bed, everyone would be okay. Alas... all good things must come to an end... (insert ahime with a top D at the end)

Good things though: I got to see Tosca last Tuesday; the singers were okay, Aprile Millo (Tosca) was a little on the round side and couldn't act very well, the Scarpia was in excellent form, but the tenor was a little off sometimes though. I can't wait to write my review... Weee!!!

Last Wednesday I had dinner with the ENTIRE family. Well, okay, my Uncle Cesar's widow (Aunt Barbara) and her family wasn't there, but all the immediate ones were there: John and Stacy and Chloe (still inside Stacy); Dave and Jill and Gia; Tita Monina, Lola, and me!

We went to Mt. Fuji, this really great Japanese restaurant that's on top of a hill (hence, the name). The food was excellent, and they cook it in front of you. I have Lobster and Steak - loved (loved, loved, loved, loved, loved) the steak -cooked medium rare with all the fat - but the lobster was a little too salty, though. The service was pretty bad though. They forgot my Tita's order, and Lola's drink was tasteless.

Today, I'm here at my aunt's office, so I can't really type too long. We're just waiting for my cousin and Gia so we can go to the mall and watch The Da Vinci Code... WEEE!!! I'm gonna be going home tomorrow, and when I come back to Manila, it'll be Monday already. I'll be flying alone, with absolutely nothing to do (but read Callas: Portrait of a Prima Donna) while I stay 6 (or 8) hours in LA waiting for my plane... insert final ahime (sigh).... end with a soaring E-flat. ^_^


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