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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Memoir #10: Home?


I'm home. Sad, but true; like the age old cliche, all good things come to an end - so has my stay in New York.

Tita Monina and Lola dropped me off at the Newark Airport at around 9am; my flight was still at eleven, so I checked my bags in and waited at the gate for a few hours reading a Callas biography. Across me sat this adorable specimen of humanity - fiddling with his phone, laptop, and digicam. He saw me looking at him, and I just smiled and went back to my book. The good thing about Americans is that they're quite okay with people smiling at them and think nothing of it.

When they started boarding, he went ahead and got on the plane - the same one I was in. When they called the group number I was in (4 - they board by group number on the tickets), I got on the plane - and voila! There was cutie-plane-boy, sitting on the exit seat in front of mine. When an elderly couple was coming on our aisle, the woman sat next to me, and her husband went on the seat directly in front of me. I offered to switch seats with the husband so he could sit with his wife - they were okay with it, the woman even commented, "what a nice girl!" Haha! Ulterior motive!!! I wanted to sit next to cutie-plane-boy.

He saw me sitting on the aisle seat and smiled at me. When I'd settled down, he commented that we had so much space between us (the middle sit between us was still unoccupied) - SHUCKS!!! I actually felt my face turn red! He must have noticed, so he said that he might actually be able to get some sleep and tried to lift the handrest on his side. He laughed a bit, and I turned even redder. Ganito na lang - when he's looking at me, para nyang tinitignan ang buong pagkatao ko - pati na ang kaluluwa! Parang gusto kong kumuha ng pamaypay at takpan ang aking namumulang mukha... Hihi! He had baby-ish blonde hair (very thin hair, and sparse, with little curls - just like a cherub), and the most piercing blue eyes I'd ever seen in person. I wanted to speak to him and talk about silly stuff, but I became toooo self-conscious, I retreated into the in-flight magazine. My fantasies of having a conversation with this boy immediately disappeared, though, when a middle-aged man sat between us. At least my face started to lose its redness...

The two-hour flight to Chicago was unincidental, up until the time we landed and cutie-plane-boy asked me if we still had to get our bags out from the plane when if we had a connecting. I said no (I asked the woman who checked me in the same question), wondering why he asked me, and not the guy in between us... Uyyy... Kilig! Hihihi!

When I got off the plane, I checked to see which gate I had to go to for my flight to LA. Cutie-plane-boy was in front of me. Actually, I just followed him! Hihi! We were on the same flight, by pure co-incidence. I was hoping on sitting next to him again, but he'd updated himself to first class. WAAAA!!!

Anyway, I got to LAX at around 4 pm (LA time), my flight to Manila wasn't until 10 pm so I had a heavy lunch (Fajitas are heavy enough), hoping to run into someone cute... Alas... The plane to Manila (via Guam) was filled with only chaka people... Puñeta naman! I found it extremely irritating that everyone on my plane home looked like hampaslupas... I know! I'm evil, but they did look like people who sold stuff on the streets. *evil grin This completely brought me back to reality - I live in a country where cute boys are as rare a cold, winter days...

I got to Manila at around 5 am, but my damned luggage didn't come out on the conveyor until an hour late. I was picked up by booger, who drove me directly to our house at QC. They'd started renovating our house - sealing off the penthouse and putting in a larger bathroom and two extra rooms. The downstairs has been compltely stripped, and my room's been filled up with all the stuff that was in all the other rooms. So now, I can't find any of my stuff! My room's so crowded, I can't get any of my clothes! I can't even find my shoes!!! WAAAAA!!!

We've temporarily set-up camp at our QC house (where my aunts stay)... I've been living out of a trunk for the last month-and-a-half, now I find that I'm doing it again! This is so frustrating!!! At least I get a new room - a smaller one, with a smaller closet - but I get to repaint it! WEEE!!! I'm planning red with beige highlights for the cabinets... Hmm... Hihi!


  • At 6/18/2006 3:05 PM, Blogger BernicE said…

    red and beige walls? cherry and sand is a good combination. use a semi gloss finish for both extreme light and dark colors :)

    jus a tip. flat paint is great BUT its a hassle cause it gathers dirt easily, and high gloss is kinda tacky. so settle for the mid (egg shell is the best bet) happy coloring :)


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