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Friday, December 16, 2005

Fainting spells... *faint

Today was one of the busiest days I've had this semester. I had to go to Ateneo to get a letter requesting my undergrad transcript of records, organize (and finalize) our department Christmas party, go to an Echoes meeting (to be held at my house, which has unofficially become the Echoes headquarters, after McDonalds Mendiola), attend the Misa de Gallo at my old high school, prepare for my report in my Management and Communication course, and in between try to find time to pee, commute, bathe (several times - ANG INIT!!! Actually malamig, pero I've been running around so much, I keep getting sweaty!), accept movie reviews, reject late papers, breathe, and look for/at cute boys...

I managed to do the first task with little incident... almost! When I got down from the LRT (line 2, thank the gods for this line, it's made my commute to Ateneo soooooo much lighter), I found the trike line so loooong, and I mean really long!!! So I decided to get on a jeep and get down at the gate nearest Bellarmine Hall, which is where I would pick-up the letter chuva.

I got down from the jeep a few feet (try an entire avenue) from the gate nearest Bellarmine Hall. So I took a trike and decided to go to KFC to try to get the photcopies that I had bound for my other class. No luck - Copytrade was still closed... and they said they opened at 8! WAAA!!! I had to take another trike to get to Bellarmine. When I got there, the office was still closed, so I had to wait outside the room for a few minutes while the secretaries fixed their stuff.

After a few minutes, I finally got the letter, and took a trike to Ministop so I could walk to the LRT Station. On the way, it was slightly raining so I had my wonderful blue umbrella open, I ran into someone on whom I had a major crush in grade school. We had the same service going home and he was really nice. In high school, though, I was too pre-occupied with the boy-with-squeaky-voice-and-icky-viral-sties, so my major crush on same-service-home-boy had turned into a minor one. Anyway, he had his eyes on someone else, and many other people had their eyes on him - and by many, I mean half-a-dozen at the very least!

Anyway, as I said it was raining, and when I first recognized who he was I turned and tipped my trusty umbrella over my head ala Madama Butterfly/Memoirs of a Geisha so that he would not see my face. I was simply not prepared to face someone whom I regarded quite highly in high school. I thought, though, that I should at least try to talk to him, so a few minutes before my loyal umbrella bumped into his awefully cute little head, I turned my umbrella properly and called his attention.

I don't think he recognized me immediately, so I asked where he was heading. I vaguely remember asking him his course, and he said he was still in 5th yr. Engineering. I thought he was also going to the Ateneo, so I found it weird because I knew he was attending UP. I tried to ask more questions, and answer some of his:

Same-service-home-boy : San ka?

Madame Mikee (thrilled and kilig): Sa Ateneo.

Same-service-home-boy : (*thinks for a rather long time) MA?

Madama Butterfly (coy and shy): MA. Comm.

Same-service-home-boy : Ha?

Violetta Valery (as she falters while at a party): M.A. Communication

Same-service-home-boy : Ahh...

Violetta Valery (shaking and sick with consumption): Ikaw?

Same-service-home-boy : 5th year Engineering.

Violetta Valery (as she is dying with consumption): Ahh... O, sige, bye...

Same-service-home-boy: Bye... *that was weird...

Mikee (fainting on the wet, icky side-street): *bye....

Close curtains, open curtains for curtain call, Mikee's still lying on the street shaking horribly and heart beating furiously fast...

It's not a secret that I'm extremely prone to stage fright - reciting in class (even introducing myself to my classmates) sends shivers down my spine, and sets my heart off with a faster beat. I even get nervous before every single class - which is why I check the attendance first - it's a stalling tactic, by the time I'be finished looking for missing persons, I'm ok and I could stomach talking to people whom I don't know.

Seeing Same-service-home-boy after more than a few years while it's raining, my outfit isn't too special, and my guard is down is not a good thing for my heart. After talking to him for a few seconds, my heart started beating too fast, and I felt rather faint. My hands started shaking, and my legs started swaggering - thank the gods he was already out of view.

I fumbled with my enormous bag to get my LRT ticket out, walked aimlessly into the gate-thingies, almost could not get the ticket into the bloody slot because my hands were trembling, avoided a crowd going into one side of the terminal and walked to the opposite side - only to realize that that side would take me to Santolan instead of Pureza, started walking towards the right side of the terminal with Madame Mikee starting to come back now...

Gosh! I didn't even have that big a crush on Same-service-home-boy and that was how I reacted. Imagine if I had accidentally run into boy-with-squeaky-voice-and-icky-viral-sties. I think I would actually just fall over unconscious!

I don't know why I had reacted like this. Maybe because I was caught unawares, off-guard and almost vulnerable; maybe because it was raining; it could even have something to do with my being single (AGAIN!!!) for Christmas; I have no idea what caused me to react like this. The point is, I did.

Moral lesson: Always be prepared, constant vigilance! You never know who you'll bump into, and you should always be ready. Once, I saw pale-boy-who-liked-to-kick-my-armchair-in-the-6th-grade on my way home from Gateway on the same LRT track. He was completely adorable, I'd always had a secret crush on him that only Butch Guevarra knows (if he still remembers what I told him). Of course, then I was with another friend so I was fine, no shaking or trembling or beating or anything, just lots of self-conscious thoughts like is my face too oily? (of course it is!), am I standing straight? (pull your damn shoulders back! Lousy American posture), or I wonder how my hair looks? (wickedly tangled and curly,and perfectly un-movable).

Anyway, it's been weird running into Same-service-home-boy, and it's even weirder that my hands started trembling just talking to him... But anyway, back to reality. Tomorrow, I have a report to finish, a meeting to attend (I think), papers to accept, late papers to reject, another Christmas party to attend, a cute/icky-boy to stalk (thanks for the info Burn!! ^_^), and mp3s to download... Mabuhay ang piracy!!! ^_^ /kis

Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens; brown paper packages tied up with strings - these are a few of my favorite things...

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels, doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles, wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings - these are a few of my favorite things!!!
Wala lang!! I've been pondering on a new post for the past few days now, and as I was downloading the Sound of Music, I just thought of listing down a couple of my favorite things...
Favorite music
1. Medea - L. Cherubini (The story is so dark and disturbing, but also very touching - and Cherubini's music perfectly matches the story of the scorned Sorceress.)
2. Norma - V. Bellini (Norma is a very touching, dramatic, and noble Gaellic Priestess, and one of my favorite operatic roles also.)
3. Il Trovatore - G. Verdi (Musically speaking, the closest pure opera can get to Broadway, I love the songs and the scenes and duets! hihihi!)
4. La Traviata - G. Verdi (Of course! The story of my life - a seemingly joyful courtesan, secretly wishing for love, and giving up this love once she has found it - sacrificing her happiness for her man.)
5. Turandot - G. Puccini (Another gorgeously written opera, great story, and a good contrast between the two lead sopranos: Liu and Turandot.)
6. Aida - G. Verdi (Verdi's most famous grand opera, written with parts for a ballet and several huge choral ensembles - but requires great singers, Callas is the only soprano I know who can do the part justice, well, her and Leontyne Price.)
1 . Guiseppe Verdi - great composer, with a lot of great Operas: Traviata, Aida, Don Carlos, Falstaff, Otello, MacBeth, among others. His flair for music is shown in how he associates each of his main characters with certain musical themes.
2. Giacomo Puccini - Italian verisimo - moving music, richly decorated and elaborately orchestrated: Turandot, Tosca, Madama Butterfly, La Boheme.
3. Vincenzo Bellini - Bel Canto at its finest - Norma, La Sonnambula, I Puritani. Bellini makes full use (to the point of abusing) of his singers, especially his coloratura soprano roles.
4. Richard Wagner - German opera composer, very rich and orchestration, he makes his singers' voices soar high above the orchestra, Tristan und Isolde, The Ring cycle.
5. Andrew Lloyd Webber - one of the most prolific musical composers: Evita, Sunset Boulevard, Cats, Phantom, Jesus Christ Superstar, Requiem.
1. Anna Maria Cecilia Sophia Kalogeropolous aka. Maria Callas - need I say more? She singlehandedly revived bel canto after the 2nd World War.
2. Sarah Brightman - Great singer, able to match her voice with several different genres
3. Judy Kuhn - I love her as Cossette in Les Miz, also the singing voice of Pocahontas in the Disney movie, and Anastasia too, I think.
4. Barbra Streisand - You have to love her, just because she's Barbra!
5. Bette Midler - I love her!!! She has really fun songs, and her voice just sounds so... unique!
6. Hayley Westenra - Lovely voice, so pure and angelic, she puts Charlotte Church to shame - and I love Charlotte!
7. Charlotte Church, Tina Turner, Madonna, Celine Dion (because you can't love Barbra without loving Celine), and Joan Sutherland (the only true coloratura soprano after Callas), Marilyn Horne (GREAT mezzo voice, so rich and powerful)
1. Josh Groban - He's as gorgeous as he is talented.
2. Russel Watson - the only tenor I know who can also do Bon Jovi (in the same song!).
3. Placido Domingo - the only tenor I can really stand to listen to, aside from those mentioned in this list. I love how robust his voice is, but also how refined it sounds.
4. Franco Corelli - may he rest in peace. Lovely tenor voice, Callas' frequent (and most convincing) Norma partner.
Broadway Musicals
1. The Phantom of the Opera - partly because this is what got me into the opera, but mostly because it's Sarah Brightman's role.
2. Les Miserables - Lovely music, great ensembles, and songs... On my own pretending he's beside me... *iyak
3. Sunset Boulevard - And now Mr. de Mille, I'm ready for my close-up... I lover the role of the aging Hollywood has-been, and also the songs (Too Much in Love to Care, As if We Never Said Goodbye)
4. Evita - GO MADONNA!!!
5. Miss Saigon - haaay, drama, drama, drama... The Movie in My Mind...
6. The Sound of Music - ang cute e!
1. La Mamma Morta, Andrea Chenier - see previous posts. Basta I love this song!
2. Bella figlia del'amore, Rigoletto - A quartet lead by the Duke (tenor) as he seduces a new girl (mezzo-soprano), as Gilda (soprano) who loves him, and her father, Rigoletto (baritone), listen on..
3. O rimembranza... Ah, non tremare, Norma - Trio: (soprano) Norma reminisces about her past forbidden love, as Adalgisa (soprano/mezzo) confesses her sins (about being in love with an enemy of Gaul) to her. Norma then finds out that Adalgisa is now in love with Pollione (tenor), who used to be Norma's lover and the father of her two boys. Norma warns Adalgisa about Pollione, as she threatens him with the lives of both her children and Adalgisa as well. Pollione tries to convice the confused Adalgisa that he truly loves her, and asks her to run away with him, back to Rome. The trio ends in a crescendo, most Normas ending with a top D - except Callas, who only did the top D a couple of times.
4. Wishing You Were Somehow Here again - the soprano Aria from The Phantom of the Opera.
5. If I loved You (Carousel) - great song, great version by Charlotte Church.
6. Liebestod - Tristan und Isolde (R. Wagner) Perfectly written, immensely powerful and incredibly difficult to sing!
7. Der Holle Rache - Die Zauberflote (W. Mozart) A coloratura showpiece, also very difficult to pull off.
Pop Culture stuff
Tv Shows
1. Desperate Housewives - I love Bree van de Kamp!!! I sooooo want to be her! hihihi!
2. House, M.D. - I just love how the characters interact with each other, and how House is always right! ^_^
3. Charmed - although I haven't seen the new season yet
4. Buffy - too bad they cancelled it... *iyak
5. CSI - the original, I love the cast, what can I say?
6. Oprah - I love her show! Although sometimes, I can't really relate, but it's still Oprah!
7. Ally McBeal - I LOVE HER!!! She's so clueless and funny! But some seasons weren't half as good as the first few ones.
8. The Nanny - I sound like Fran Drescher... hahaha!
1. The Joy Luck Club - great movie, I haven't read the book yet though. I love how all the stories are connected.
2. The First Wives Club - Bette Midler, Dianne Keaton, and Goldy Hawn!? Who wound't love this?
3. Chicago - I LOVE THE SCENES!!! And the choreography, makes me want to dance...!
4. The Harry Potter Movies - Goblet of Fire & Azkaban... ^_^ I LOVE DANIEL!!!
5. Love Actually - great feel-good Movie.
6. A Walk to Remember - extremely cheesy, but I can' t help myself. Having Shane West in it helps a lot, though.
1. Julia Roberts - she's really great, she looks so great on screen.
2. Meryl Streep - I love how she disappears completely behind her roles..
3. Halley Berry - WEEE!!!
1. Robin Williams - he seems genuinely makulit!
2. hmm... wala na ko maisip e!
1. Dan Radcliffe, of couse - he's perfect! What can I say?
2. Richard Gutierrez - haayyyy... he's completely adorable.... and he's hot!
3. William Moseley and Skandar Keynes (Peter and Edmund) - What? Edmund may be a little too young, but he's gorgeous! And Peter's cute!
4. Prince William - no boylet list is complete without His Royal Highness...
5. Prince Harry - he used to look really weird, but now, he's even better looking than William!
6. Jesse McCartney - completely adorable, not that much of a singer though, but he's nice to look at.
7. Aaron Carter - cute and hot, pero he sorta looks mabaho... hahaha!
8. Max Pirkis - Octavian in HBO's Rome series, beautiful boy - but a little too young!
9. Orlando Bloom - Legolas!!! WEEEEEEE!!!!
10. Hayden Christensen - defile me, Darth Vader!!!
11. Prince Andrea Casiraghi - cutie!!! But a little icky, as well...
Miscellaneous Stuff
Colours: Lilac, Purple, Blue, Light Blue and Dark Blue, Red...
Drug: ADVIL!!! WEEEE!!! No more headaches!!!
Time of Day: Twilight, the time in between sunset and moon rise
Place on earth - My ROOM!!! WEEE!!! I can move back into my room! My aircon's been busted for the past few months so I've had to set up camp in my brother's unused room. But now, Mom's had my airconditioning (unit) fixed, so weeee!!!
Boylet from High School: GJ, hihihi! *blush
Breed of Dog: Pugs
Cat Breeds: White Angora, Persians
Christmas Food: Puto Bumbong!
Snacks: Oreos with Milk, Boy Bawang - hahaha!
Topic of conversation: Me! hahaha!!! ^_^

Monday, December 05, 2005

Tag! You're it!

I've been tagged by Boom.

"List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to."

Here's my list:
1. Barbra Hendricks - Tu che di gel sei Cinta (Turandot)
2. Magic Works - OST Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

3. Sarah Brightman - The Perfect Year
4. Hayley Westenra - Pokarekare Ana

5. Judy Kuhn and Alan Campbell - Too Much in Love to Care (Sunset Boulevard)
6. Dame Kiri te Kanawa - The Heart is Slow to Learn
7. I'm not that girl - Wicked (Musical)

I tag
Mark, Betch, JC, Lizette, Patrick, JR, and Dennis.