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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Stuff.... archetypes et al.

Well.... so I just saw one of Boom's posts - the one about movie cliches - and I really enjoyed them, they were funny, plagiarized I believe, but funny! hihihih!!! So I admit, I don't really read anyone's blog, and I don't expect people to read mine... I figure, if something is important enough, someone will tell me about it, or I'll hear about it from someone else, same thing with me - if something that important comes up, I'll tell someone about it... Another thing I like about the movie cliches post is that it reminded me of something that I very (very, very) often do in movie theatres - look for archetypes! Archetypes, like cliches, surface everywhere, except archetypes embody a larger and more encompassing scale. For example:

The Hero Archetype, which you see basically in all movies: the good guy, who one on whom the movie is based, the one who tells the story, the character whose character is tested in the movie, the boy in the movie (aside from the occasional bad guy/bitch) who is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really cute!!! ex. Balian in Kingdom of Heaven, Will Turner in Pirates of the Carribean (did I spell that right?) Bakit puro Orlando Bloom??? Moving on...

The Goddess Archetype: The all-encompassing mother, the good mother - Sissy Spacek in The Bedroom, Meryl Streep in The One True Thing (although this good mother is kind of whacko, if you know what I mean), Judi Dench in The Chronicles of Riddick, Galadriel in The Ring Series, Dumbledore in the Harry Potter Series (hihihi!!)...

The Lovers Archetype: Need I explain further? Mandy Moore and the hotty-whose-name-I-currently-cannot-recall in A Walk to Remember, Will and Lady Viola in Shakespeare in Love, Anakin and Padme in the Star Wars Saga...

The Villain Archetype: greedy, lustful, vengeful, completely unloveable, and occasionally hotter than the good guy. Ex. John Travolta in Face Off, Hagen and Holgren (?) in The Ring of the Nibelungs...

The Diva and the Ingenue Archetype: Rivals from the start, Divas are well... Divas! Ingenues are the jealous girls who want to overthrow the divas. Roles may be interchangeable as some ingenues turn out to be innocents and some divas are just plain bitches... Brunnhild (diva) and Kriemhilde (ingenue) in the Ring of the Nibelungs but Kriemhilde (not so sure if it's spelled like that) turns out to be the bitch who steals Siegfrid from the Queen of Ireland, Brunnhild; Christine (ingenue) and Carlotta (the diva) in The Phantom of the Opera. Bette Midler and that other woman in Beaches.

The Independent Woman: the female counterpart of the Hero, except mostly for dramatic movies... Bette Midler in For the Boys, Gwyneth as Sylvia Plath (?) in Sylvia, Eva Green as Sybilla (?) in The Kingdom of Heaven, the four (or five) women of Steele Magnolias, the 4 mother-daughter pairs of The Joy Luck Club, and my favorite threesome: Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, and Goldie Hawn in the First Wives Club.

The Bitch: me!!! hihihi!!! The female counterpart of the Villain - the ones who get to have all the fun, and who get what's comming to the them by the end of the movie, Courtney in Jawbreaker, Madeline and Helen in Death Becomes Her, Meryl Streep in The Manchurian Candidate...

Finally, the Lost Soul: The person (either guy or girl, maybe even both) who are searching for themselves in all movies - Ben Affleck in the extremely stupid Gigli, Dr. Ernest Menville (?) in Death Becomes Her, Anakin in the Star Wars Saga... You see lost souls may go either way - good or bad, most of the time they go good, but sometimes, you just have to walk the dark side...

These archetypes exist in all movies, you just have to look and there they are. They are also quite general, so basically, they're not that hard to spot!!

Another thing... I saw everyone else's blog, they're all really pretty!! Except for LP's, that was just plain sick... hihihi!! As much as I'd like to beautify my blog, I really don't know how, and I wouldn't bother either, I'm too busy with other stuff... Also, I'm reading this great book (ok so it's not so great, but it makes me laugh!) The Devil Wears Prada by Laura Weisberger (?), read it, it's really fun!! I have to got now, I have a call center simulation test at Convergys in 2 hours, still have to pick out an outfit!! Nobody told me what to wear!! I don't want to overdress, but I think I'll have put on long sleeves - thank God dada has a lot of silk long sleeve shirts - that elliminates the need for a tie!! WEEEEEEEE!! ^_^

Monday, May 02, 2005

ANG INIT!!!!!!!!!!!


We just came back from Calapan in Mindoro - danda beach!! Kaso makati!!!!!!!! When we went swimming when we got there ndi sya makati, the next day, we went swimming again - dami nangangagat!!!!!!! Parang mga langgam!!!

Tapos we had this boat take us to this island (us = me, my mom, my booger brother, my 3 titas and my younget (?) cousin). The beach was picture perfect, but that was all it was! We got there there were little sea-ticks that bit you when you sat on them. The sand was rough and coarse and littered with broken pieces of coral. The big batos were slippery with lumot and you had to wear slippers even when you got in the water because EVERYTHING was sharp!!! My tita and I got cuts on our feet and my thumb!! My other tita was bitten by a leech (?) we didn't know what it was, really.

On the bright side - I got to test out my outfits for my Puerto Galera excursion in a few weeks. WEEEE!!!!! Colour Scheme: Tumataginting na ORANGE!!! Wahaha!!! I also borrowed my tita's pajamas - they're not really pajamas, they look like pjs but they're not. They're the tie-dyed pants people usually wear at night on the beach!! Hers is blue and mine is orange, so at least I can alternate colours! WEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm really excited about this puerto!! SANA MATULOY NA!!!!! WWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!