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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Acknowledgments, Acknowledgments...

*Here's the acknowledgements from my thesis. Just thought I'll publish it here so everyone could see.
~Note 1: The Italian lines were taken from La Sonnambula and express Amina's happiness at being surrounded by her friends and family on her wedding day
~Note 2: The French lines are from Louise (I think, or was it Manon Lescaut?) where she reminisces the sweetness of her first kiss.
~Note 3: For rough translations, check

A te diletta, tenera madre, che a si lieto giorno…
A te favelli questo, dal cor piu che dal ciglio espresso dolce pianto dal gioia, e questo amplesso.
I would, before anything else, like to thank my mom – the pillar upon which I stand. I truly admire the strength of your character; you are the inspiration behind my four years of college.

To my father, whom I know is always looking over me, thank you for giving me life. To my brother, thank you for letting me use the computer – and for bugging me to get off when you saw I was already too tired to work.

Care compagne, e voi, teneri amici. Che alla gioia mia.
Tanta parte prendete, oh come dolci scendon d'Mikee al core.
I canti che v'inspira il vostro amore.

To my classmates, my friends, we’ve been through a lot these past years, and I appreciate how each of you has touched my life. You all add different bursts of flavour to it my life – thank you for spicing it up.

For the Fab 5 – Anne, Annacelle, Shiela, Lychie, and Ruchie – my dearest friends, thanks for all your support. I could never have gotten this far without you all.

Stephanie Pucca, Fritzie, DJ, Joyce, Yani, Kay-ar, Nikka*tot, Burn, Gwen, Vernice, and all those other OrCom people out there – thanks for the four years you’ve spent putting up with me and my opera - ^_^ Special thanks to Aisa for letting me borrow her cassette recorder for my interviews!!!

Bea, Norwel, and Atoy, I will forever treasure my moments with you, how ever fleeting they were. Edwin, thanks for coming to Taytay with me – so I wouldn’t get lost. We still did, but it was a hell of a lot better than getting lost alone!!

To my high school friends, who have always had my back, thank you for keeping me grounded and cheerful. Herbert, who inspires me to be more diligent with my studies; Boom-boom who makes me want to write better; Darcy, who makes me want to laugh just a little bit harder; Jaja, whose voice and talent I truly envy; Nelson, who makes me want to drive better; Allan, who makes me want to dress better; Mark, whose playfulness and youthful antics I truly miss; Dennis, la mia rivale, whom I truly admire; JC, our lovable and huggable mascot; Patrick, whom I consider my closest friend; and LP, my little lion, my protégé… thank you all for coming into my life. I hope you will remain with me, as I will be with you per sempre.

Quelle belle vie! Mon rêve n'était pas un rêve!
Ah! je suis heureuse!
L'amour étend sur moi ses ailes! Au jardin de mon coeur chante une joie nouvelle!

I would like to thank my teachers – the incredibly kind and considerate Sir Henson who guides us like a friend and father; the very meticulous Maam Vaquer, whose counsel also guided me with this paper; and the funny and caring Maam Carol, who was very patient and understanding during my defense – thank you for your help with my thesis. I truly appreciate the support and time you’ve given me. I hope that you’ll continue to do what you do for students like me. Ate Novs and Ate Pau, our department goddesses, thanks for letting me use the projector for my defense! Hihi!

Also, my respondents… thanks for being so candid with me. My study would be nothing more than a few pieces of paper bound together by cardboard if it weren’t for all of you. Now, it has a soul, and that soul comes from all of you.

Maam Mhel Yusores for telling me where to go and who I need to talk with. Ms. Parco, for being an Bedan institution, thank you for pulling strings so I could interview the faculty. Sir Gelo for being a great teacher who made us all laugh inside and outside the classroom. Sir John for keeping me company while waiting for the other teachers. Maam Thess for still being so friendly and fun. Mrs. Elemento, for being so energetic and chatty while we were in Taytay – you really are a gem. And Mr. H, for just being there. ^_^

I would also like to thank San Beda College for molding me and countless other people. It is true what they say… Once a Bedan, always a Bedan.

Last, I would like to thank my editor, Ms. Priscilla del Rosario. Thanks for being so patient with my thesis. I truly appreciate your work and the time you’ve given mine. Thanks for cleaning my thesis up!!! ^_^

This thesis has been the hardest, most frightening and nerve-racking experience of my life. For helping me face my fears I would like to thank all those wonderful people – out there, in the dark…

Sovra il sen la man mi posa,
Papitar, balzar lo senti;
Egli è il cor che suoi contenti non ha forza a sostenar.


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